Enjoy three days of dynamic and innovative services and products in our Exhibitor marketplace.
You will enjoy connecting with vendors from around the world.
Nutritional products, Minerals & Crystals, Ormus, Essential Oils, Books, Rose Alchemy,
Sound Therapy, Crystal Bowls, Feng Shui, and more are here for your discovery.
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Company Table Products & Services
The Paintings 1 Donation for Photos of the original art displayed
* Ocean Alchemy 2 ORMUS
ORMUS Oils 3 Body Massage oils, Chakra Oil Sets
* Galactic Spirit 4 Classes and appointments
* Youth Duo 5 Skin care with Hemp
* Butterfly Mesa 6 Hand Made Navajo items
* Rose Alchemy 7 Silk Power Matts, Rose Card Sets, Silk Scarves
* Consciousness Design Institute 8 Information
* Energy Worlds 9 Books, Coaching and Counseling, Online Classes
Crystal Wings Healing Arts 11 & 12 Higher frequency Art by Barabara Evans
* The GrantCoin Foundation 13 Grant Coin and Education
Vibrational Health 14 Amethyst Bio Mat Infrared Technology
Young Living Essential Oils 15 Young Living Essential Oils, Oil & Gem Jewelry
* Dreamtime Healing w Holographic Kinetics 16 Upcoming USA Course Information and Private Appointments
* Dreamtime Healing w Holographic Kinetics 17 & 18 Mini Sessions on Site
*The Crystal Sun 19 Books, Rods
*2nd Opinion Health Solutions, LLC 20 Books, CD's, DVD's
Eiffel Health 21 Vitamins & Minerals
Vitality Center Orlando 24 Health Coaching & Care, Reflexology, Hydrotherapy
Living by Human Design 25 Personality Assessment tool based on Ancient Wisdom
Life Changing Psychological Services 27 Weight Loss Counseling, Detoxification, Nutrition
Jeanann International Psychic Medium 30 Psychic Medium (Americas Got Talent)
* Foundation for the Law of Time 31 Calendars and Books
American Shaman Store 32 & 33 Crystal Light Therapy John of God Crystal beds
Element Design Collection 34 & 35 Clearing & Chakra Sprays, Handmade Art & more
American Shaman Store 36 & 37 HEMP CBD Oils, Aura Photography
Alicja Center of Well Being 38 Pendants, Rods, Pendulums, Counseling
Humannagold 44 ORMUS products, Anointing Oils, Education of uses
DoTerra Oils 53 DoTerra Oils, Diffusers , Wellness Products & Ser.
MEDUSA 58 & 59 CBD Oil and products
Joya Essentials 66 High Quality Therapeutic essential oils & Products
Nania Ra Healing Arts 73 Bath Salts & Scrubs, Shea Butters, Lotions & Oils
Healing Space 77 Goddess Paintings, Healing Tibetan Bowls, CD's
* Brigitte Mars Herbalist  78 Books, Classes, Counseling 
Art of the Heart 79 Himalayan Salt products, Sprays, Fork Tuning Sessions
Expo Main
Book signings opportunities
Several of our published speakers will be available
in the expo.
Please stop by their table for a personal book signing.
*Denotes a speaker