Don Nance

Master Alchemist - ORMUS



“It has been known throughout recorded history by many names. It has been called "The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus, The Semen of the Gods, The Food of the Gods, The White Dew, The White Dove, The Philosophers' Gold, Ormus" and western man may remember it from the Bible as the "Manna" as referenced in the books of Exodus and Job.” quoted from Ocean Alchemy

ORMUS, white powder gold, is a combination of beneficial and essential natural mineral nutrients extracted from salt, soil, plant material and other specially chosen naturally occurring sources.

What Does it do for us on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level? Master Alchemist, Don Nance will share his knowledge on Ormus, how to use it and how it can not only promote health and healing, but improve our connection to our Spirit Origin.


Don was born in Virginia on August 11, 1955. He was a professional musician for 35 years and is an accomplished lead guitarist and vocalist who also plays keyboard instruments and percussion.

He holds a degree in electronics engineering with a minor in acoustical engineering.

After being diagnosed with advanced colon cancer that apparently disappeared after three months of taking M-state/Ormus materials, he learned to master the processes needed to make, extract and purify them from 1999 to 2001. He is a tireless researcher who is attempting to bridge the gaps between the M-state/Ormus elements and our currently accepted paradigms of Chemistry, Solid State Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

He gives lectures and teaches workshops on the state-of-our-art processes used to make, concentrate and purify the M-state/Ormus elements by the Wet Way and the Dry Way and the steps needed to make the white powder of gold from pure gold metal.

He has accomplished the transmutation of the M-state/Ormus elements into silver, gold and several platinum group metals.

Quote from Don, "Given a consciousness from that Humanity which will allow the Possibilities that this all represents, perhaps there is something going on? I don't waste my time (a gift) trying to transmute metal for profit. I spend my time making and learning to make those elixirs which will heal and enlighten."