Doug Shubert

Khipu Koin the Blockchain Timeline



Khipu Koin and Blockchain Timeline

How YOU can affect Propaganda – History – Truth all in a social media setting while earning digital currency!

While his father was going through Chemo for cancer treatment, Doug started researching alternatives and the medical industry. After his father passing, Doug kept digging, turning over rocks and finding disturbing trends of propaganda and deception and mistruths.

Doug is one of the co-founders of a modern digital currency called Khipu Koin. This system, based on block chain technology, is interlaced with a historical timeline for truth. Khipu Koin is earned by creating entries onto the timeline, thus connecting financial flow with building a wisdom base.

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. “Albert Einstein


Doug Shubert is a technology expert, researcher and innovator. From the early 1970’s he has done extensive work in the world of lasers, holograms, computers, security, internet, and communication.

Doug wants to connect the dots, help people become aware, ask questions and know the truth for themselves. He is on a quest for opening the doors of knowledge to create awareness, transformation and solutions for our global community.