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Discover your core essence through your heartbeat. Unify OUR co-creative, shared Universal heartbeat and synchronistic pulse to glimpse telepathic communication.

Invite the Law-of-Time codes, with specific formulas to shift "consciousness DNA" and move toward the next phase of human evolution.

Your "take away" are 13, one-word action steps, like a vitamin a day, to activate "habits of New Consciousness." Also with a few surprises, we'll use "chakra tapping" to deepen your Galactic Spirit connection.


Jami Lin is a passionate, driven by creativity and inquisitive wonder. She has been described as a true “force of nature” sharing over thirty years of knowledge with dynamic energy and style.

With praises from Deepak Chopra and Horst M. Rechelbacher (Aveda Founder), Jami is an internationally-renowned and award-winning author, consultant and educator with such offerings as her "online Feng Shui Mastery Certification" and Feng Shui books.

During Jami Lin’s "ColorAlchemy: Self Mastery with Color" book tour, she noticed wrinkles! After attaining a Skin Care license and extensive research on age-reversal, Jami also teaches at international spa conferences. Unsuccessfully finding Organic, Vegan, and Paraben-Free products with the most-advanced ingredients for her own use, Jami developed YOUthDuo with a master chemist. You’ll LOVE HEMPress YOUthDuo and Turkey NeckLESS!

Destiny called in 1974 when Jami "energetically met" Dr. Jose Arguelles: scientist, artist, and visionary of the Law of Time. Over the years, indisputable "coincidences" kept drawing Jami back to the flawless, cosmological system for accessing multi-dimensional consciousness, greater synchronicity and telepathic communication. GalacticSpirit is Jami's expression of these evolutions made accessible with practical and easy, step-by-step video teachings.

Jami Lin, recognized as a true heart of loving spirit, exampled for others to explore their personal discovery of greatest possibility.

Galactic Spirit


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