Light of Consciousness



Geometry of Love with Michael Rice and Karaimi What is the true purpose of relationship – with ourselves, another person, parents, children, work and the living Planet. For most of us, our relationships are not what we most wish for, and even when it seems that everything is in order, our hearts tell us another story. Inside all of us, lies a deep desire to open fully, love freely, and to be able to give our greatest gifts to another, and the world. But we tend not to live from our hearts, and we fear the changes that may happen when we open to the flowing force of love that we instinctively know will open us to our fullest potential.

By using powerful transformational sacred geometry patterns, guided meditations, ecstatic movement to open the body, discussion and deep sharing, we can release old patterns of thinking and behaviour. Ancestral beliefs and collective programs of fear and limit manifest within all of our relationships. We can move through and beyond our comfort zones, where no change is possible - crossing into the realm of the truth about partnership with heart.


ABOUT Karaimi is a soul healer, priestess of initiation into the mysteries of the Earth and the female. She is a modern woman connecting daily life with spiritual reality. She leads experiential workshops in the Czech Republic and abroad, incorporating powerful healing rituals using transformational sacred geometry, creative guided meditations and feminine initiations. Her work is highly transformative and grounded. She lives and works in deep respect and connection with nature in South Moravia, Czech Republic.

Michael Rice is a practical visionary, sacred architect, master geometer, natural designer, builder, healer and teacher. Born in Ireland, he skillfully bridges the old and new worlds to support people to connect with and express their deepest purpose and fullest potential in order to manifest beauty and harmony in their lives He is a gifted seminar leader who is able to enthusiastically present and share powerful ancient wisdom and new transformational information in an easy and accessible way to allow people to enhance their innate creativity, access their bliss, and create a better world for all.