Renae Jensen

Conscious Design & Feng Shui



Healthy Space creates Healthy People

Welcome to a time of reawakening our awareness in creating healthy & empowering space. Becoming conscious to our needs, the needs of each other and our responsibility to the earth is a joyful process. We have the ability and power to change the current "landscape" and pave a new future for our children and our children's children.


Renae Jensen has dedicated her life to promoting healthy space through the wisdom of Feng Shui and Conscious Design. For over eighteen years, she has lectured and consulted for a wide spectrum of clients and students.

Renae is known for her passion for teaching and for hosting international teachers and topics to the public. Renae is a certified Feng Shui consultant and teacher with experience in Feng Shui consulting in commercial and private properties, community development planning, and business consulting. Her training in Reiki, Space Clearing and Japanese martial arts bring a deep understanding of the flow of chi - life force.

Renae founded Conscious Design as a universal integrated building science, designed to utilize the ancient wisdom of healthy living and to merge cutting edge modalities. Training professional architects, builders, designers and realtors with this knowledge is transformational on a global level. The programs and information is brought to you through the Conscious Design Institute, and the Conscious Design Magazine.

Renae is a licensed New Jersey real estate agent and she guides buyers and sellers with feng shui and conscious design knowledge. Through the Institute, she has created a valuable Feng Shui real estate CEU program to train real estate professionals in feng shui to best service their clients and to increase home value.