Stephanie South

Law of Time



Law of Time and 13 Moon Calendar

Time is the One factor that we can all agree on, it is the Unifying Factor of Synchronicity. The Law of Time promotes a new perception of time as a frequency based on Synchronicity. The Law of Time is a universal law and principle that distinguishes between a natural timing frequency that governs the universal order, and an artificial timing frequency which sets modern human civilization apart from the rest of its environment, the biosphere.

Changing Time: 13 Moons

“Entry into the Greater Galactic Community is accessed through attunement to a specific timing frequency. This is the whole point of the 13 Moon Calendar Change that Messenger of Time, Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan tirelessly promoted. The issue of Time, Calendar Change and The Law Of Time cuts through all Creeds and Belief Systems, transcending Religiosity, Dogma and Political viewpoints.”

Yellow Crystal Seed Year Magnetic Moon 17-19, Kin 80-82 (August 11-13, 2017) at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando Florida.


Stephanie South is a mystic, artist, synchronic visionary and lineage holder of the Galactic Mayan Mind transmission. She is author of more than 10 books, including the award-winning Accessing Your Multidimensional Self and the soon-to-be released, Uninscribed: Awakening the Galactic Feminine. As the protégé and partner of Dr. José Argüelles (Valum Votan), she worked with him for nine years on the Noosphere II project, an exploration into the inner realms of consciousness and science of telepathy and synchronicity based on galactic time science.

She is coauthor with Argüelles of the seven volume Cosmic History Chronicles and also wrote his biography, Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change: The Visionary Life and Work of José Argüelles. She is Creative Director of the Foundation for the Law of Time, which promotes a new perception of time as a frequency based on Synchronicity which can be accessed through the 13 Moon calendar. The Law of Time also provides planetary and whole systems context for the shifts we as a species are now undergoing. She publishes a moonly newsletter and bi-annual Galactic eZine to promote the teachings through art, and travels the world assisting other time travelers in their Awakening to their Cosmic Essence.