Steve Richards

Dreamtime Healing Using Holographic Kinetics



Holographic Kinetics is an eye-opener to a whole new reality of dimensions. It is understanding how to assist in accessing and clearing the hologram of time in the present, that comes from the past, and sets up the cycles of similarity into the future (thus, repeat offenders are usually people stuck in dimensions of time).

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My Great Grandmother was taken away at the age of eight by the Aboriginal Protection agency and found, at the age of fourteen, in horse shackles behind the general store by a drover. He asked why she was in shackles and was told that she was uncontrollable and would run away at every chance she had. "What do you want for her?" he asked, and he ended up buying her for half the price of the skins he had just sold. She then become a "drovers boy" and died at the young age of fifteen, giving birth to my grandmother.

My Grandmother was raised on her fathers cattle station and had a good education, including religion, forced upon her. But she was also taught by the Aboriginal maids, servants and gardeners that had taken her "under their wing" and--on the side--taught her all about the ancient past, including about the "clever-men," as she would call them. I remember stories, which she passed down, of how some of the ancestors could walk across the ground without touching it, and how they knew things before they happened, including when visitors were coming-- prior to their arrival. I remember her telling me how they could speak to the spirits of the animals, trees, rocks, water and deceased ancestors and how some could move in and out of time.

Today I fully understand the reality of the above, including the cycles of time.


My Mother never talked much about the ancestors, and I remember when I was 4 years old, she sat me down and asked, "how did you know your Nana would arrive at 11 am"? What had happened was we had a goat, and it would "butt" visitors if it was loose in the back yard. I knew Nana was coming at 11 am, so from 7 am onwards, I asked mum about 15 times to tie up the goat, as nana would be arriving at 11 am. Mum kept telling me that Nana was not coming today, and I kept telling her she WAS and would be arriving at 11 am. Well right on the dot of 11 am, in she came. I will always remember mum asking me, how I knew. This made me aware that I knew things--just like the stories of the past ancestors--I wanted to know more!

Then when I was about seven-years old, I remember mum and grandmother telling me that if anyone asks, you tell them your white; you remember to tell them your white! What a silly comment I thought; of course I am white--as at that time white was white, and black was as black as the ace of spades, and brown was a good tan of white; that was part of my education.

I later realized that they we attempting to protect us--as half cast and quarter cast children were still being taken away up until 1970's-- and the less we knew the better off we would be.